Spring/Summer 2012

Aerial Ambitions

A hunger for more. Swedish label Odeur continues to explore the unisex vision of a playful, aware silhouette in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection named Aerial Ambitions

The collection is presented in a wide range of fabrics including fine cotton, silk and linen.

This season’s colour palette is monochrome in white and black including some shades of grey.

Odeur’s very specific aesthetic is kept well in this rather sporty collection, that finds its inspiration in the human illusion of being able to fly, as in the tales of Icarus that covers human conceit. The

silhouette is still playful and the focus on details as well as the unexpected cuttings characterize the collection, as always.

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Odeur Spring/Summer 12 Video by Martin Bo Johansson & Tue Juelsbo