Spring/Summer 2017


A call to all pathfinders that approach life with a clear goal. This is to those that never hesitate and find ways that are worth the labour. This might be through compromise or reflection, but never by the rule by fear. Speak up, listen carefully and remain thirsty. Life is what we choose to make of it. Look in the mirror: it all becomes clear.

For SS17, Odeur Studios develops a singular take on retrospectives. To mark the end, is to initiate a new beginning. Illustrated, formed and inspired by the past decade of collections, the studio chooses to return to its true essence. Daily garments, made to be worn, without compromise, relentlessly. The

collection invites the onlooker to engage the world around him, without trepidation. The overall look is on point, sharply tailored, comfortable and multi-functional.

The oversized, relaxed and casual silhouette, beckons for motion and open interaction. Wide sleeved tops are paired with cropped breezy shorts, loose vests billow over sleek shorts, textured bombers appear over sharply tailored bottoms and boxy jackets are donned over superfine jersey tops. The styles have a feeling that is light, transparent and effortlessly genderless. Further supporting this, is the underplayed color range, consisting of deep blacks, grays and

crisp white with a dash of overall graphic prints in metallic oil and petrol detailing. Garments are perfected in superfine jersey, smooth cool wool, intricate knits and versatile tech fabrics, making them, lightweight, easy to wear and cross-seasonal. In each design, form, function and appearance, speak calmly in unison. As Odeur Studios renews, mashing its past, present and future.

Simply do. Rise up and bring things forward. Break through it all!

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Odeur Studios Spring/Summer 17 Runway Video (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin) / Performance by Ishi feat. Shenie Fogo

Odeur Spring/Summer 17 Campaign (Photography by Simon Larsson)