Autumn/Winter 2018

Synthetic Series

Separate spheres in harmonic synthesis. Two eclectic worlds melting to one.

For the Autumn/Winter 18 season, Odeur Studios introduces bold shapes, lush cashmere wools and bright contrasting colours. All aligned with the Odeur Studios aesthetics that we have been familiarized with over the past decade.

The Winter collection offers playful silhouettes – oversized – but in an updated manner. Balance can be found in the interplay of lengths, dimensions and witty flow of the

garments. This functional layered look enables wearers to freely add or strip away items, adding onto the collection’s interactive overall feel.

This season Odeur Studios proudly introduces synthetic padding from Primaloft in outerwear, a fully functional and cruelty free alternative to down feather padding.

The surface exterior is composed of fine jersey, fine wool, cashmere and technical shells. These are maintained in understated tones of black, bone white, hues of grey,

contrasted by a dash of brave dijon yellow and deep purple plum. Patterned element prints and embroidered collection artworks further underline the sense of fresh agility, fully aligned with the collection’s curious nature.

This is Odeur Studios A/W ’18. This is Synthetic Series.

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Odeur Studios Autumn/Winter 18 Runway Video (Runway project video by Simon Larsson) / Sound design by Simon Larsson

Odeur Autumn/Winter 18 Campaign (Photography by Simon Larsson)