Autumn/Winter 2013

Novel Nostalgia

As the world in turmoil envelops us with uncertainty and melancholia, it can be valuable to shed all nostalgic sentiments. Brave, composed and pensive we can rise, bearing only those necessities required to prevail. For their AW13 collection Odeur seeks to embrace novel expressions, aimed at pensive wearers, who defy their day-to-day empathically and without looking back.

For AW13 Odeur suggests a tall dark silhouette, stripped of nostalgic connotations, effortlessly clean, minimalistically controlled and sober.

Their quest for elusive novel takes on classic wardrobe pieces, continues, with a wintry collection of sleek quality garments, that aim to envelop innovative bearers of both sexes.

The collection offers new takes on long wool coats, cardigans, hooded blazers and oversized shirts. Dark blacks, greys, off whites are contrasted only by subtly dashes of neonish yellow and muted turquoise. Mesh fabrics are intro duced to the Odeur silhouette joining materials such as special jersey fabrics, soft cashmeres, lush wools blended with their trademark high

tech materials, for a whiff of contrasted expressive shine, completing the Odeur AW13 look.

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Odeur Autumn/Winter 13 Video by Martin Bo Johansson & Tue Juelsbo

Odeur Autumn/Winter 13 Campaign (Photo by Hans Ericksson)