Spring/Summer 2016


'Me and You. Them and Us. Navigating our identities. To each their own, what constitutes yours.' Odeur works from the premise that whatever we choose to be, we shape ourselves. What makes us unique, is the sincere expression we adopt. Free to observe, listen and respond.

SS16 marks the continuation of a story. Connected to the seasonal shift and iridescent light lled days, the collection reworks graphic connotations. As part of surface research, layered patch prints, suggest a more technical expression. Furthermore, contrasting fabrics and formed piping lines, underline and support movement. Fresh and

downplayed, the garments work well when matched and layered. Crafted blazers are styled with sleek long tees, hooded jackets paired with breezy tailored shorts and bombers loosely pulled over short sleeved sweats. Each pieces can be interchanged willingly, making the collection most agile and functional.

Sleek summer wool, liberatingly soft jersey, breezy knits, crisp neoprene and plush cottons, make for a exible take on Nordic tailoring. This is supported by the collection’s underplayed grey, white and black tones, redirection the focus towards subtle detailing, closures and textures. Odeur underlines

their garments tactility, meant to be worn without restraints, as part of an expressive silhouette.

Finally, for summer, these wardrobe essentials are complimented by a new set of frame shades, shaped with a 3d feel, crafted both in crisp white and deep black. Garments and leather accessories work together, comfortably inviting wearers to step into the sun, without any regrets.

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