Spring/Summer 2014


A tale of separate worlds. Dark and Light. Independent existences, unaware of one another. Across universal lengths two spheres develop in complete isolation. Science, arithmetical development, cultural exploration and language determine their advancement. Meaningful connections can be found between even the most removed organisms. All sharing certain senses and biological characteristics. Parallel worlds occur. Ever evolving ever interdenominational.

ODEUR aims to explore the versatility of parallelism for SS14. The collection is build on the conception that two separate ideas can be developed on different wavelengths without prior knowledge and thus eventually might collide.

Innate to the garments is the urgency of sartorial functionality. Next to reworking the classic silhouette, finely tuned for summer, ODEUR works with innovative fabrics and materials, allowing for interplay between texture and dimensions. Seasonless and neutral, SS14 embraces a fresh colour scale, with deep blacks, light greys, airy whites and spectra green. Introduced is a dash of graphic print detailing, in tune with the Parallelism theme of the collection.

For SS14 special fabrics were selected for wearers to keep their cool and composure. Sheer superfine cottons, fine meshes, crisp sweats and lush cool wools, are used to maintain a sense of

translucent freedom. Signature tanks, tees, tops are paired with fitted shirts, lightweight hoodies, cropped shorts and sharply tailored blazers. The overall ODEUR look invites for layering, shelling oneself from the Nordic summery breezes. Users can select garments allegorically, thus forging a link between interaction and advancement.

Composed, stern and versatile, Parallelism gives way to freedom, freedom of the metaphysical spirit.

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Odeur Spring/Summer 14 Video by Simon Larsson & Samuel Forsström

Odeur Spring/Summer 14 Campaign (Photo by Simon Larsson)