Autumn/Winter 2015


'The rigor of society. Contrast is subject to definition. Ours is shaped by connectivity. An embrace of interaction fostered by profound understanding. Balance is found in dialogue. As elements of self can be found in others. We are evermore akin. Our fellow wayfarers stand united in tolerance and acceptance. Opposites fade, object becomes objection.'

For AW15, Odeur returns to the essence of a silhouette, rich in sincere tactile functionality. Boxy shapes, with oversized shapes omnipresent, underline the overall lush and billowing feel. Comfy roomy woolen

coats are paired with snug tailored bombers and sporty rubber parkas. The outerwear connects to the indoors, though a curation of crisp tees, drop crotch pants and crafted tops. Shell-like surfaces are constructed in sleek tech fabrics, plush wool paired with functional knitwear, sheer cotton and pristine jersey. Selected garments may be reversed for textural effect and utility purposes.

Odeur works from a pensive disposition for AW15. This is reflected by a foundation of deep blacks, contrasted only by a dash of crisp whites and all over shirting ’contrast’

graphics. The monotone colorway supports ton-sur-ton printing and fosters expressive identities without overstatement. From process to performance, each garment is constructed with purpose and intent. Interior dwellers are triggered by exterior freedoms, comfortably layered in astute wardrobe solutions.

Define. Illustrate. Represent. It never was just us.

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Odeur Autumn/Winter 15 Runway Video (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin)

Odeur Autumn/Winter 15 Campaign (Photography by Simon Larsson)