Autumn/Winter 2017

A Story Of

What truly makes the world, as we know it today. Certainly we owe praise to what happened before. Those memories we built, the connotations appropriated and familiarized scents. During our time spent roaming the planet, we collage and connect small fragmented soundbites, selected encounters and snippets of conversations. Tailored to the whims of each individual, their enriching collectivity speaks louder then words.

What if we would choose collect random memories, from various lives? Perhaps they would teach us more about our contemporary selves. Design is about democracy, about making deliberate choices, without excluding anyone. Odeur Studios, continues to be a canvas of clean understatement, a sincere foundation for fellow kindred travellers to express themselves to their fullest selves. No restraint, no comment.

Autumn/Winter 17 marks a meticulous study of body, athleticism, form and function. The continuous graphic connotations have been replaced by subtle ton sur ton phrased embroideries. As understated calling cards, they drawn in the onlooker. Curious, yet part of the garments, they set the tone for the overall silhouette. Large oversized jackets are featured alongside rigid cropped coats, roomy shirts featured underneath lush knits, dropped crotch pants are donned with sultry hoodies and superfine grand bombers add a touch of urban irreverence. Variations in lengths, shine, texture, make for a dynamic injection of utility.

AW17 also denotes a strong tactile and wintry feel. Lush wool-cashmeres swoon together with combed cotton, superfine jersey, comfy knits and structured tech fabrics. Together these contrasts help shape the

quiet exterior; rich in anticipation and fully elements-proof. The shell is subtly functional, distorted only by zipped pullers, pocketed closures and belted straps, that add, reduce or even out volume. To mimic the hazy winter-skies, whites are replaced by shades of sandy rose beige, hues of olive and deep saturated black.

Let us not pretend. We are still waiting. Nothing is forlorn. Please Stay. We need you.

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Odeur Studios Autumn/Winter 17 Runway Video (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin) / Music remix by Leolake

Odeur Studios Autumn/Winter 17 Campaign (Photography by Simon Larsson)