Spring/Summer 2013


As if we had overlooked this before, imagine an archaic society, brisk light, clear lineage, cool stares and candid pedestrians, all united in their solemn embrace of light and clean forms. A shared focus fuelled by their poised demeanour, always effortlessly sharp and intelligently aware of what constitutes appearance. Stepping onto new horizons, wearers embrace sincerity and their sartorial senses from deep within. Uncomplicated and effortlessly plain they unite.

For their SS13 collection, ODEUR returns to the foundations of our day-to-day awakening and its dress-up conundrums. A calm appraisal of peoples’ individuality, the garments aim to compliment our personal embrace of a new

day. Without pre determining your silhouette, ODEUR wants us to be the minute conductors of what we feel inside, as a tool to casually enhance identities. The controlled styles aim to illustrate the reflection of who we are; whether innocent, outgoing or straightforward.

Freed from restraints, SS13 is an uncomplicated assembly of lush lightweight materials, cool wool, sleek cashmeres, ultra-light sheer cottons and technical fabrics to enhance texture. The understated colour palette, ranging from whites, deep reds, wine tones, to dark blacks, further enhances the versatility and daily functionality of the line. These essential ODEUR colours are isolated on individual pieces, never blended, only to be

contrasted by matte or shiny textural effects. 

Individual urban trappers step forward in a controlled manner, sporting deconstructed jackets, tailored shorts, cropped sleeveless blazers, crafted shirts and a selection of super light flowing jerseys. Never tricked by societal obstructions or external observations, ODEUR hands us the sartorial tools to be ourselves unconditionally, without ever looking back. 

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Odeur Spring/Summer 13 Runway Video by Martin Bo Johansson & Tue Juelsbo (Copenhagen Fashion Week)

Odeur Spring/Summer 13 Campaign (Photo by Emma Jönsson Dysell)