Autumn/Winter 2016


This one turns. Sways if you will. Whatever once seemed faded always comes back to us. Life; a unique string of dynamic encounters. Opinions might differ, yet we all hop aboard this daily carousel as equals. Hierarchy merely is a concept, once stripped away it gives way to waves of empathy and societal perspective. To each their own, united only by the curious unpredictability of human nature. Step back and reflect, compose yourself, exhale and reach out.

In the silence, we need to be reminded without shouts.

AW16 by Odeur Studios is a careful assessment of tactility, layering and sartorial proportions. The resulting silhouette is one subservient to winter’s cool grasp, evoking a

confident sense of self. Cropped tech-bombers are paired with lush wide elongated bottoms, stern long blazers feature over soft kimono shirts, a belted overcoat is paired with sleek drop crotch pants and breezy jersey tops billow freely underneath structured hooded jackets.

Balance can be found in the interplay of lengths, dimensions and witty flow of the garments. This functional layered look, enables wearers to freely add or strip away items, adding onto the collection’s interactive overall feel.

Embossed wordings, subtle ton-sur-ton embroidery, graphic rectangle and circular appliqués further frame this societal message of enriched mutual understanding.

The surface exterior is composed of fine jersey, lush wool, tapered neoprene, cashmere and technical shells. These are maintained in understated tones of black, white, hues of grey, only subtly broken by a dash of classic deep blue. Patterned element prints further underline this sense of fresh agility, fully aligned with the collection’s curious nature.

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Odeur Autumn/Winter 16 Runway Video (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin) / Music by Steve Angello remixed by Leolake

Odeur Autumn/Winter 16 Campaign (Photography by Simon Larsson)